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Gloria Bosman

Gloria Bosman was born in Soweto and is a singing sensation. With her ever-growing list of honours, including two SA Music Awards (SAMA’s) and more than eleven nominations as well as two KORA nominations, she is one of the country’s most celebrated singers.

With early beginnings Gloria has amassed an impressive biography, having performed with the cream of the crop both nationally and internationally. Depending on the type of function, Gloria’s repertoire includes at least two Afrikaans songs. She has performed alongside Afrikaans artists and enjoys exploring.

Influenced by her early training in opera, Gloria’s singing style is utterly unique. She optimises the African soul and, in her performances, captivates her audience. Her music boasts the sensuality of Jazz.

She has shared the stage with several musical greats; including Hugh Masekela, Sibongile Khumalo, Moses Molelekwa, Tananas and Sipho Mabuse to name a few. In turn, she herself is now an industry great.

All her past albums have been unmitigated successes. Her debut album, Tranquillity, earned her the prestigious award for Best Newcomer as well as received nominations for Best Contemporary Jazz Album and Best Female Artist at the 2001 SAMAs.

Her follow-up album, The Many Faces of Gloria Bosman, featured collaborations with a handful of the finest musicians in the country. This earned her nominations for both Best Southern African Artist, The Most Promising Female Artist at the KORA Awards of 2001 and SAMA nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album, all of which are great feats.

The awards didn’t stop there:

Stop and Think received nominations for Best Female Artist and Best Jazz Vocal Album at the 2003 South African Music Awards as well as Nature’s Dances (2004 - solo album) which received six SAMA nominations and the title of Best Female Composer.

The star has repeatedly proven to be nothing short of brilliant. She frequently receives warm public reception and has enjoyed widespread airplay on radio and television exposure.

Gloria’s drive and talent has pushed her to surpass boundaries and gain followers from across the nation. She’s performed on SA’s top stages and national festivals, including regular performances at major Afrikaans music festivals, like KKNK, Aardklop and Skouspel in Sun City.


  • TUT ALUMNI (Pretoria Technikon).
  • Jazz, African, Rock and Gospel Vocalist.
  • Producer, Composer, Vocal Coach and Presenter.

She was born in Mofolo in the heart of Johannesburg and raised in Pimville, Soweto. Gloria’s passion and career ignited in the church choir. A production in 1993, at the Market Theatre, earned her an opera scholarship at the Pretoria Technikon. She has toured the world and performed next to historical musicians, like Sibongile Khumalo, Concord Nkabinde, Sipho Mabuse, Moses Molelekwa, Tananas, Vusi Mahlasela, Sipho Gumede, Oliver Mtukudzi and Hugh Masekela.

Her six albums are a true credit to her as a solo artist:

  1. Tranquillity (1999).
  2. The Many Faces of Gloria Bosman (2000/1) - Self produced.
  3. Stop and Think (2002).
  4. Nature Dances (2003/4).
  5. Emzini (2006).
  6. Letters from the Heart vol.1 (2010).

She was welcomed and hosted internationally from London, France, Finland, Amsterdam, Australia, Angola, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and even a tour in South America in which she was received in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela.

In 2010 she joined the theatrical production, African Songbook, and was staged at the Arts Cape. In that same year she was also included in the Shanghai Expo in China. 2011 and 2012 saw her in yet more theatre work, including Porgy & Bess and Mandela Trilogy as well as touring the UK and being nominated for the Naledi Awards.

At the Market Theatre and the Joburg Theatre in 2011 and 2013 she performed with Hugh Masekela for “Songs of Migration”.

Gloria says Jazz is a Religion. She commented the statement with a confidence that expresses equivalent passion and devotion with which people practice Religion. She sets the same passion and devotion aside for Jazz music.

Her music is receptive to diverse audiences and settings, but her favourites are those with smaller settings, in which the audience can just sit and listen. By her own definition, her music boasts a more relaxed and mellow vibe, but which never fails to get audiences on their feet and dancing.

A combination of her placid demeanour, jollity, humble confidence and calm approach means that audiences are drawn in by her persona. Every note and every word she sings enchants her listeners, and when she breaks into umxhentso, traditional Zulu and Xhosa dancing, the audience can’t help but join in, even at their tables.

She has toured internationally with the likes of Jonas Gwangwa. She notes that the key to captivating an international audience is always originality.

“I can tell you that anywhere you go, if it sounds South African, they love it. They don’t have to understand the language, as long as it is South African, as long as it is not a rip off of some other sound, they love it.”

All that on-stage energy harnessed by her beauty, talent and light-heartiness brings grace and exuberance to any event. She lays into different genres with ease and finds a connection with every member of her audience. Her performances are commonly tailed by a standing ovation and reverent encore.

Top Songs

    Gloria Bosman

  1. Amaqwati - African Pop.
  2. Ntjilo Ntjilo - African Jazz Standards.
  3. Time After Time - African Jazz Covers.
  4. Play Me the Love Songs - African Smooth.
  5. Time After Time - African Jazz Covers.
  6. Too Much Heaven - African Jazz Covers.
  7. Fever - African Jazz Covers.
  8. Love Blues / Mbombela - African Songbirds.
  9. Amaqwati - 20 Years Sheer African Jazz.
  10. Viva Madiba (English Version) - Remembering Nelson Mandela.
  11. Wethembekile - The Best of South African Gospel, Vol. 3.
  12. Lizzy - Stop and Think.
  13. Sombawo - Tranquility.
  14. Remembering Thami Mnyele - Tranquility.
  15. Time Will Tell - Tranquility.
  16. Lover's Dance - Roots of Gloria Bosman.
  17. Buza - A Taste of Caiphus Semenya.
  18. Remebering Thami Mnyele - The Very Best Of.
  19. Welela - The Very Best Of.
  20. Too Much Heaven - The Very Best Of.
  21. Sombawo (You Are the One) - The Very Best Of.
  22. Slowly - The Very Best Of.
  23. There Will Come a Time - The Very Best Of.
  24. Play Me the Love Songs - The Very Best Of.
  25. Amaqwati - The Very Best Of.

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